Capacitor Voltage Transformers – Type VCU

Končar started manufacturing capacitor voltage transformers in 1965, and has since acquired extensive experience with over 15.000 units installed worldwide.

The capacitor voltage transformers are designed with exceptional longevity and reliability, aiming for at least 50 years of service life.

Performance & Features

  • Um: from 72,5 kV up to 800 kV
  • Up to 6 secondary windings
  • Modern capacitor insulation - mixed dielectric with synthetic impregnating liquid
  • Partial discharge free on power-frequency withstand voltage
  • Custom transient performance requirements
  • Stainless steel bellows hermetically sealed expansion system
  • Extreme temperature range available (-60 to +60 °C)
  • Extensive experience in seismically active regions
  • Minimum quantity of biodegradable impregnating liquid
  • Power line carrier application ready, accessories optional
  • Maintenance free