Current Transformers – Type AGU

Končar started manufacturing current transformers in 1947, and has since acquired extensive experience with over 50.000 units installed worldwide.

The CTs are designed with exceptional longevity and reliability, aiming for at least 50 years of service life.


  • Um: 36 to 800 kV
  • In: up to 6000 A
  • Short circuit: up to 100 kA (Idyn: 250 kA peak)
  • Secondary cores: up to 10

Key Features

  • Top core design (low primary winding losses)
  • Low leakage reactance
  • Partial discharge free on power-frequency withstand voltage
  • Stainless steel bellows oil expansion system
  • Extreme temperature range available (-60 to +60 °C)
  • Extensive experience in seismically active regions
  • Minimum oil design
  • Explosion-safe
  • Maintenance free