Instrument transformers for special use

For the purposes of equipping testing points and laboratories, we produce instrument transformers for special uses, in whose design accentuated is specific knowledge and expertise in the field of precision measurement and high voltage insulation.

  • Standard (precise) current and voltage transformers – used in testing laboratories for precise measurements of voltage, currents and powers in wide ranges. Their main characteristics are very high accuracy classes and wide range of transformation ratios.
  • High voltage testing transformers – used as high voltage sources in testing laboratories and generally are single pole insulated. Change of the output high voltage value is done by connecting testing transformer to the variable voltage source.
  • Current sources – specially designed transformers which at low voltage provide currents of required value (0,1-20 kA) for accuracy class measurements of current transformers, as well as for temperature rise measurements of current transformers and other equipment.
  • High voltage compensating reactor – used for compensation of highly capacitive burden and reduction of capacitive current in test circuits. It is characterized by a unique core and insulation system design. Partial discharges of such reactors are below the detection level (2 pC).

PVT-500 – Standard voltage transformer

ASI-4000 Current source and NNST-4000 Standard current transformer

VNP - High Voltage Compensating Reactor

IT – Testing transformer

NVKU – Standard voltage transformer

AGI-38 - SN Current reference