Company KONČAR-Instrument transformers Inc., aware of modern business challenges and necessity for developing social acceptable behaviour, chooses an ethical approach to working. This approach is developed and applied on several levels:

  • towards employees,  
  • towards customers, 
  • towards company assets,
  • towards business partners,
  • towards government institutions,
  • towards public.

The Company acts according to the principles of responsibility, sincerity, efficiency, transparency, quality, doing in good faith and respecting of positive business habits on all mentioned levels.

Towards its EMPLOYEES, the ethical attitude is included in open communication, with full respect of privacy and difference, in pleasant environment, which does not neither accept nor tolerate any kind of unacceptable behaviour.
Towards CUSTOMERS, the company enter with complete trust, acceptance and execution of its obligations in good faith, producing high quality products and offering after sales services and support.
Our employees are educated to use COMPANY ASSETS according to standards and positive laws, taking into consideration their influence on environment. The information should be distributed as per their confidence level.
Our BUSINESS PARTNERS we choose carefully, attempting to develop long term, quality and on mutual trust based relationships, defining both sides rights and duties in good managing spirit.
With all GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS we cooperate professionally and in accordance with positive legal stipulations, avoiding using of company name and / or resources for promotion of any political party and / or particular person.
About its working, we inform PUBLIC truly, transparently and duly, issuing all required official data.

All above mentioned, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has elaborated and defined in details in document called Business Ethic Code. One of the signers of the mentioned document is Company KONČAR-Instrument transformers Inc.