Verification of legal measuring instruments

All legal measuring instruments that are put into use or are already in use must be certified in accordance with the Law on Metrology (Official Gazette, no. 74/14, 111/18 and 114/22).

Legitimate standards are standards that are used for:

1. measurements in the circulation of goods and services
2. protection of human and animal health, general safety, protection of property, environment and natural resources, protection at work, traffic, protection from accidents
3. checking prepackages and bottles as measuring containers
4. measurements prescribed by the Law on Metrology, implementing regulations adopted on the basis of this Law and other regulations.

The certification of measuring instruments is a procedure that includes the testing and marking of measuring instruments, which determines the conformity of the measuring instrument to the approved type of measuring instrument and compliance with the prescribed technical and metrological requirements. If the requirements are met, such measuring instrument must be protected and marked with certification marks.

When, during the certification of the measuring instrument, it is determined that the measuring instrument does not meet the prescribed requirements, the measuring instrument is marked with the label "Measuring instrument is defective" and protected from further use.

The certification of instruments is performed by an authorized measurer of the State Bureau of Metrology or an authorized body for the verification of legal measuring instruments.

The conditions that must be met by authorized bodies for performance of legal verification and the procedures for supervising the fulfillment of prescribed obligations by authorized bodies are prescribed by the current Regulation on special conditions that must be met by authorized bodies for performance of legal verification and/or the preparation of legal measuring instruments for verification.

Our company carries out verification in accordance with the Decision on approval for the performance of certification of legal standards issued by the State Bureau of Metrology and represents the identification number of the authorized body "37", which is determined by the Decision on approval.

You can find more information about the authorized bodies and the metrology system in the Republic of Croatia on the website