Quality System

Managing Board of KONČAR-Instrument transformers Inc. commits itself for the following policy for quality, environment, health care and safety management:

In KONČAR-Instrument transformers Inc. each separate transformer, in each ordered quantity and each additionally repeated production, will be produced in accordance with specification ordered by Customer, respecting relevant national and international standards.

For our factory the most important is fulfilment of Customer's requirements, as well as respecting all relevant norms in transformer production. Taking into consideration this fact, for each order the planning and managing of processes are done, according to defined and stipulated procedures. All steps are taken respecting the positive legal regulation, which has the influence on our activities, including health care, safety at work and environment protection. The policy for work protection and safety is in conciliation with risks types and levels, derived from document „Valuation of Risks“.

The relationship with Customers and Suppliers is based and maintained on mutual confidence, especially by defining terms, specifications and quality requirements.

The education of our staff will be continuous, in working premises, as well as outside of the factory, with aim at quality improvement in performing of tasks, efficacious application of health care and safety measurement, as well as improvement of environment respect.

Aiming constant products quality growth, new technical and technological solutions will be developed, and, upon their implementation, they will be accepted as new standard solutions. By new solutions we will, methodologically, renew documentary basis and working instructions. In the same time, the possibilities for using materials and processes those are more favourable for environment will be taken into consideration.

The waste will be treated in order to ensure maximum of its reuse.

KONČAR-Instrument transformers Inc. maintains the integrated management system, which establishes and continuously improves the products and production quality. In the same time, the system takes care of health care, workers and environment safety. The integrated management system is harmonized with requests of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, but we aspire to continuous improvement, according to directions of ISO 9004.

The standards request regular observation and evaluation of integrated management system, internally, as well as externally by the organisation licensed for certification. Internal audits of integrated management system will be done at least twice a year, and their results will be the basis for corrective and preventive measures that are to be taken in the further system development, for the coming planning period.

The Managing Board periodically checks the actuality of the prescribed quality, environmental, health care and safety policy. The policy is issued as a separate document. It is accessible to all interested parties and designates the permanent orientation of the Company towards the processes, products and activities quality, as well as protection of workers and environment from the negative influences. It should be reported to all those who work in Company or for Company.

The policy for quality, environment, health care and safety management represents the starting point for setting the targets.



ISO 9001:2015



ISO 14001:2015




ISO 45001:2018