Development & Cooperation

With continuous development incorporated into everyday work, our transformers have over time evolved in quality and capability. Our competitive solutions, implementing new materials and technology, are inspired and driven by our global market ambition and requirements.

In addition to our own experience, standards and resources, expertise from our partner institutions is knit into our design.

To name a few important contributors,

  • Končar – Electrical Engineering Institute Inc. is internationally recognized not only for its contributions to transformer research, but for playing a key development role in the fields of rotating machines, wind turbines and traction vehicles.

In scope of its laboratories, the Institute is qualified and accredited for conformity assessment of instrument transformers in accordance with international standards (IEC 17025) and Croatian legislation which is harmonized with European Community laws (Acquis communautaire).

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb) marks over 90 years of study in the field of electrical engineering with the University itself having been established over 340 years ago.

The recently established Postgraduate Specialist Study in Transformers, along with the Centre of Excellence for Transformers, based in Zagreb guarantee a regular inflow of fresh research minded specialists.

  • Iskra Group, our partner based in Slovenia, with over 60 years of tradition in providing technologically innovative products, is a regional leader in automation, telecommunications and electrical components and devices.

Our capacitive voltage transformer, incorporating modern capacitor technology, is one such successful cooperation with Iskra. Our newest partnership is aimed at introducing non-conventional instrument transformers to our product range and building essential experience providing SMART grid ready solutions.

More information on research activities within the Končar group is available online:

Information regarding postgraduate transformer specialist studies in Zagreb:

More information on research activities within the Iskra group is available online: