About us

KONČAR – Instrument transformers Inc. have been manufacturing instrument transformers for over 65 years, and as such, have accumulated extensive experience not only in fields of manufacture but research and innovation as well.

KONČAR - Instrument transformers Inc. is part of a larger group, Končar – Electrical Industries Inc. (www.koncar.com), where it falls under the Group’s core business area, Energy and Transport. Electrical Industries is currently Croatia’s biggest and most important group of associated companies for design, production, erection, development and service of equipment and plants in the fields of energy, transport, industry and household appliances.

The group was founded in 1921 as ‘ELEKTRA’ and soon after, from 1921 to 1946, operated under ‘SIEMENS’. From 1946 onwards, the company was known under the name of ‘Rade Končar’, until it was finally incorporated under its present name in 1991.